Ocean Fresh Fish Processing Factory (MDV-012)

Our factory strategically anchored right next to the international airport in the inner lagoon of Hulhumale’. Being at this position enable us to deliver the finished products to airport on time without any delay, which is the gateway to international markets. As for the fisherman, it’s easy for them to discharge their catch without any hassle as it is anchored in the inner lagoon. This lagoon is accessible to all vessels any change of weather.

The advantages of being a sea based factory are more than a land based factory. As all boats discharge the fish after alongside to the factory. Which means less handling is done and it’s good for the fish and keeps it more fresh. After the fish is graded, the fish will go directly into the factory for processing and packing.

Technical Details

Vessel Name:      MV Ocean Fresh

Tonnage:             480.000 Tons

Length:                52.300 Meter

Breadth:              8.600 Meter

Depth:                  3.850 Meter